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While working closely with Geoff Baxter, the owner of Watch the Birdie, during the MV Festival we got chatting and eventually the conversation turned to his website. At the time the existing site was getting old and in a creative industry such as wedding videography Geoff felt that the impression it gave was losing him business. All he really wanted was the same information but with a fresh approach, so he gave me free reign to recreate his site from scratch.


I had a good long discussion with Geoff about this project and followed up with emails after checking the content of the existing site. His previous developer had always done any updates so there was no need for a CMS. The nature of Geoff’s business meant that there would likely be a lot of video content that could be showcased and he already had a good selection of his work online at Vimeo. All he really wanted for it to look more modern and of course work on mobile so he could show it off when meeting potential clients. So the core requirement and constraints were:

Taking all this into consideration, and given the content that I already had from the existing site, I started on some data architecture. The existing content was quite dry and to the point. While it did have some personality in the tone there was very little in the way of personal detail that might allow a prospective bride to be to make the connection that would lead to work. I suggested that we rewrite some of the existing copy as a short intro before the main showcase video and add a section with portraits and details of the people that may be attending your wedding. I also suggested that we add a timeline of sorts. This would show what a typical day could look like so people could get a clearer understanding of what they were getting for their money.

On top of this, and to balance the navigation links, I broke up the pricing structure to show the core pricing and a separate extras section. Along with a showcase of some wedding videos this gave us six sections, the even number I needed for the layout idea I had.


I don’t advertise myself as a designer. I’m a developer but over the years I’ve been learning so it’s often fun to play around, especially when a paying client gives me a free hand.