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Lego phone holder

Lego phone holder

While testing sites on mobile you need a real test platform. Virtualisation tools are great and everything, but to see performance issues and really get a feel for how a site will work on mobile, there’s no substitute for a real device.

Having a phone sitting flat on the desk where I can’t eaily see it and having to pick it up while tethered is just a pain. I needed something to allow me to actually see the screen I was using so I built a phone holder out of lego.

Side of Phone Holder

The side view here shows that I managed to get the angle right. This tilt allows me to see the screen at a comfortable angle from where the phone now sits on my desk.

Empty Phone Holder

It turn out that my phone, an LG Nexus, is just a little under nine lego units across. All I needed for a neat fit were small pieces to make a more snug fit and the phone doesn’t move sideways at all. This of course means I’ll need to rebuild it when I get a new phone.

Cable Management

To keep things neat and tidy I needed to route the USB cable from the bottom of the phone to the back of my desk where I could plug it into the computer. I left a little space which holds the cable neatly at the back but the curve of the cable required risers on the base so the cable wasn’t pinched.

Phone Holder Cable Management

Under the phone, the USB connector helps to keep the phone stable. One of my USB cables has an end connector that fits very snuggly into the space made by some curved pieces.

Phone Holder USB Size

This make a very stable base for the phone to connect to once the USB connector is in place.

Phone Holder USB

Once the phone is in place I have a good view of it on the desk and it’s safe and secure. The USB connector itself is a little too secure so removing the phone requires a little more force than I would like, but the holder works perfectly.

Populated Phone Holder

What’s missing?

Ideally I’d have liked this phone holder to be able to tilt to facilitate responsive design. Perhaps I’ll make a second version with this capability. This build has also given me the idea that perhaps I need something similar for my tablet, again with the ability to rotate the decide between landscape and portrait.